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Caricatoon is a caricature artist online that makes your caricature and deliver it by email.
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    Caricature Drawing 1

    The Caricature Drawing 1 (CD1) is a caricature from head to chest only in a standard colored cartoon caricature.

  • caricature yourself online drawing

    Caricature Drawing 2

    The Caricature Drawing 2 (CD2) is a caricature yourself from head to foot only in a standard colored cartoon caricature art.

  • caricature yourself online drawing

    Caricature Drawing 3

    The Caricature Drawing 3 (CD3) is a digital caricature of yourself from head to foot with a paint like color.

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    What is a Caricature?

    A caricature has different styles depending on the artist. There are different expectations of a caricature yourself, so here's a definition about the caricature that you can find online.

    (verb) make or give a comically or grotesquely exaggerated representation of (someone or something).

    Our online caricature drawing style is different from others that you may have seen. Our caricature is a cartoon like caricature. We don't do too much exageration on your face features.

    Our personalized or custom caricatures are digital made but drawn by hand by our caricature artist.

    caricature yourself drawing online

    Latest Works

    Wednesday, August 10, 2016

    Snow White Caricature

    Snow White Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD2


    Details Provided:I want my beautiful smile to show and I want to be dressed like Snow White standing with a book of fairytales and a pen in her hand. I want my hair long.
    Colors: I want the authentic colors of the Snow white


    Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    Malou the World's Best Organizaer in Gym Clothes Caricature

    Malou the World's Best Organizaer in Gym Clothes Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD2

    Details Provided:
    the way we actually envision Malou's caricature is with her wearing gym clothes (maybe tights and leotards) but with a chicken drumstick in one hand while the other can either have a dumbbell or a clipboard. We’d also like to include an unbalanced buffet table as her background with food slipping off it. Also, we’d like to include somewhere on the picture the words “World’s best organizer”.

    Malou’s favourite colour is blue… Could you ensure that the picture will predominantly have different shades of blue.Also, instead of a dumbbell or clipboard, please have a laptop on one hand.

    Wednesday, July 6, 2016

    Monday, June 27, 2016

    Woman with Pet Caricature

    Caricature Drawing: CD3

    Details Provided:
    I would like to look like I am tall and thin. I want a nice navy blue A-line dress with a pink belt with pink pumps. I want my hair to be long, black and straight.
    I would prefer the girl with the dog had on a navy blue with a pink belt and pink shoes. The girl on the bike her face should be tur
    ned so you can see her whole face no shades and the whole bike.
    Colors: Navy blue and pink are my favorite colors